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Relax and enjoy a calming cup of our Lullaby & Goodnight Tea. With its blend of flowers, herbs, and spices, this tea presents a complex medley of flavors to ease your mind and body. Sweet dreams!

All of our teas come loose leaf in a 2oz tin with 1 reusable tea bag.

Lullaby & Goodnight



180°- 200°


1-3 minutes per 1-2 Tablespoons of tea, per 8 ounces water.

We aim to provide times and temperatures that reduce the risk of allowing the actual tea leaves (or other delicate herbs in blends) to taste bitter due to too much steep time or to get scorched from too much heat.

If you desire a stronger cup, we suggest using more tea rather than a longer steep time to minimize the potential for a more bitter flavor.

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