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Shower Steamers are Aromatherapy for your shower. For those that would rather shower than bathe, shower bombs are a must. We offer 5 different scents options:

*Mint: Helps with opening up your airways and helps wake you up.

*EXTRA STRENGTH MINT ($2.00 extra-they contain Menthol): These are really strong and really help with opening up your bronchials. Helps aid with allergies, colds and congestion. *Lavender: This is perfect for relaxing at night after a long day or when you just want to relax in the shower for a bit.

*Citrus: Perfect for those rough sleepless nights, those that had a couple too many or just need a bit of help to wake up. These shower steamers work wonders.

*Variety pack: All Above Scents.

Each shower steamer is at least 1oz and a full shower. Approximately 5-15 min in the shower depending on how much water comes in contact with steamer.

Each bag comes with 12 shower steamers. Shape varies.

Simply place the steamer on the shower floor out of contact with the direct spray of water. The aromatherapy will begin to fill the air.

Shower Steamers

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