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Our Wax Crumbles are made with a mix of Soy, Coconut & Apricot Wax to give off a great and non-toxic scent throughout your home. The crumbles come in our 2oz Top-Latch Glass Jar and with a wooden spoon to easily scoop out your crumbles into your warmer. We have a few scent options per color so be sure you're choosing your favorite scent. 

Red - Cherry Vanilla, Roses OR Polynesian Hibiscus

Green - Key Lime, Gardenia OR Caribbean Escape

Yellow - Fresh Zested Meyers Lemon, Tobacco Flower OR Angel Food Cake

Blue - Blueberry Bliss, Violet and Pamplemousse OR Bubble Gum

Brown - Pumpkin Vanilla Marshmallow, Warm Cinnamon Rolls OR Oatmeal, Vanilla Honey

Pink - Mango Papaya, Wild Strawberries OR Candy Crush

Purple - Lavender, Dewberry OR Sugared Papaya & Hibiscus

Mixed Colors - Taste the Rainbow

Wax Crumbles


Soy, Coconut & Apricot Wax, Fragrance Oil and Candle dye. 

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